How to make it taste good?

I literally havent managed to make it taste good without adding a shitload of other stuff that isnt really made to be in there and contains lots of sugar.
Like make it how any real food tastes.
All the flavor packs arent remotely like what it says on the package either.

Thank you for your feedback! We’re always happy to hear your honest thoughts on our powders and flavors as we constantly try to improve them. :slight_smile:

However, as taste is really subjective we can’t always guarantee it will meet everyone’s taste.

Generally, the nutritional value of our products is a higher priority for us than taste. We want to make sure we use as little sweetener and as many natural ingredients as possible. So the taste might not always be like what we’re used to from high-sugar products - but it’s definitely better for your health. :slight_smile: We agree though there’s always room for improvement.

Have you tried adding plant-based milk, e.g. oat milk, frozen fruit, nut butter or cacao powder? Those are all healthy and natural options (if you make sure they don’t contain added nasties) that taste awesome if you blend them with Huel.