Original flavor is destroying my life

In the bible god killed Hiobs son and took everything he had and it was like ‚‚God gave it, god can take it‘‘, or sth like that.
Obviously that’s nonsense. Just like parents can not kill their child, just because they made it.

When you sent Original flavor 2.3 out into the world, it brought certain responsibilities with it. My taste buds are now used to a certain standard and there is no going back.
Removing it is nothing less than a cruel joke, its immoral.

These days I’m spending all my time with heroine addicts on the black markets, trying to snatch some last leftovers of it. I did unspeakable things.

I dont know how long I can go on like this. I know you dont need Original flavor for your buisness. But you might need it for your soul.
Kind regards

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And on the 5th day Huel said, „Let there be some hope. We hear the cries of our Hueligans and we will come together to ensure happiness is once again spread throughout the land. This is something that may take a little time, but for now, our loyal follower, share us your email address and we will summon all of our strength to send you something to appease your mind and soul. The day of resurrection will come, but until then, patience is what we require of you.“

2 „Gefällt mir“

Kind regards,
Your loyal hueligan

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