Sucralose - neue Studie


ich würde gerne auf diese, mMn recht bedenkliche Studie in Bezug auf Sucralose hinweisen und bitten, dass das Huel Social Team das intern weitergibt.

Kernazussage: „Our new work establishes that sucralose-6-acetate is genotoxic. We also found that trace amounts of sucralose-6-acetate can be found in off-the-shelf sucralose, even before it is consumed and metabolized.“

Danke und VG

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Im Huel-Reddit wird das auch recht eifrig diskutiert und es gibt sehr gemischte Stimmen. Die einen stört’s nicht, andere wechseln zu Unflavoured oder zur Black Edition und wieder andere wollen Huel den Rücken kehren.

Einer der Moderatoren hat vorhin eine erste Stellungnahme zu der Studie abgegeben:

Hey there! Jess in our nutrition team took a dive into this subject this morning and I wanted to share her thoughts here.

It’s completely understandable to be concerned when you see headlines such as „x linked to x damages“ in the media. Whilst saying this, it’s also important to look beyond the headlines and consider the whole picture, such as:

  • How the study was conducted (the design)

  • Who the participants were (rodents, humans, or cell culture)

  • What was measured and if it accurately represents what was consumed or what it was intended to

  • If how much consumed is similar to typical intakes

  • If confounders were also assessed (ie. things that can also have an effect on what is being measured, such as other aspects of diet).

In this case, it is important to recognize the necessity of investigating whether the findings observed in controlled laboratory settings (in vitro) can be reproduced in living organisms (in vivo). Therefore it is unclear how this relates to the real world post-ingestion.

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